Samstag, 26. September 2015

How to whiten teeth at home?!

Recently my sister ordered her very first home bleaching package from the internet. I’ve already heard a lot about home bleaching from my sister’s best friend, or I could also say- I’ve seen the results with my own eyes. Once she came with shining teeth so bright like a diamond and I was like woow, has she become a hollywood star?! (I didn’t know which product she used back then, she only said she did it at home completely alone).
Some months after, we found the best method to whiten our teeth at home, it’s comfortable, easy and also cheaper than at the dentist!

„I thought that trying out different toothpastes (whitening toothpastes), going to the dentist at a regular basis, taking care of my teeth everyday, keeping away coffee, cigarettes, or other drinks and foods, which can colour our teeth, would help me to reserve the whiteness of my teeth. But however, I was sure that just like that my teeth would shine till the end of the world, sometimes I stood long minutes in front of the mirror watching my teeth are loosing the natural whiteness year by year. In my opinion, every woman is afraid of growing older and a white smile can mean health, confidence and youth as well.”-said my mother, who also ordered the kit right after my sister’s success.

It’s a shame I couldn’t do the whitening because of my braces, but I let my sister know, that there is a great chance to experience a new, worldwide-favoured and loved product. She was 100% satisfied with the result, and it was definitely hard for her to stop using it, because people get addicted to whiter teeth really easily haha :D 

So let me introduce you  the Smilebrilliant kit:

What they promise?
They provide you custom-fitted teeth whitening trays as well a whitening gel (also desensitizing gel, which is an important part of the whitening process), all coming from their laboratories.

Why ordering Smile Brilliant?
Going to the dentist has its price. A whitening process at the dentist costs more than 500$, not to mention the energy, and the time which you invest, if you want to have an appointment. Why all this stress, if you can easily order a kit for 70% less (from all over the world), and the best: you don’t have to leave your cosy flat, you can do the whole whitening process at home. It goes fast, and you have the free decision, if you want to whiten more or stop it, if you are already satisfied with the result.
All you have to do is to order a kit to your country, then you get an email from the staff to confirm your order. In less than a week (if you are from Europe) you’ll get your very own kit with all the kind of professional tools you’ll need. If you are ready with your impressions, you send it back, and then you get your custom-fitted dental models.
I had a lot of personal issues, and every time I asked my consultant, she always helped me kindly and answered all my questions. In my experience, you are the most important for the staff, and they are always there to help you!

What can I find in a whitening kit?
1. Teeth whitening trays (2 custom-fitted whitening trays)
2. Carrying Case
3. Impression Material
4. 3-way, pre-paid postage
5. 1 set of custom dental models
6. Professional whitening gel
7. Professional desensitizing gel
8. Instructional Brochure

How to do the impressions?
Mix the white gum with the blue one in 50-60 seconds. Wash your teeth and then place one impression into your mouth for 2 minutes, do the same with the other one. Make sure that all your teeth are visible on the impressions. Fill out the questionnaire with your data, send your impressions with the questionnaire back.

How often do I have to use it?

My sister used it for 7 days, only for a half an hour a day, before she went to sleep, and she brushed her teeth before every session. (You can find a more detailed description regarding how to use this product when you order it – as you will also receive a ‘brochure’ with the instruction, there is nothing to worry about).  It is also important to mention, that you have to take care of your teeth throughout the whole process and avoid the consumption of colouring drinks/snacks (and of course afterwards as well at least for 2 weeks). The product helps to retain the natural whiteness of your teeth, which doesn’t mean, that you’ll have the whitest teeth of the world, but white enough to love your shiny teeth again, and let others to fall in love with your beautiful, healthy, adorable smile again.